Challenge: Integrate acquired products to create a cohesive, modern and functional experience for users of an enterprise software solution.

Solution: Designed a North Star product concept and framework to consolidate product acquisitions based on user workflows and complementary capabilities. Defined strategies for executing towards this vision.

Duration: 2 years on and off.

Team: 3 core designers, 1 visual designer, larger UX team during workshops and design sprints. Product management.

My contributions: Co-lead designer, facilitated co-design workshops, defined interaction models, global patterns and re-usable page templates, created a design prototype, provided design pattern guidance to other designers. …


Challenge: Simplify the sensor data and analytic configuration process of an industrial asset management product suite to increase time to value and address long-term product sustainability and scalability concerns from customers.

Solution: A multi-phased workflow redesign to reduce time to setup sensor data and configure analytics from 2 weeks to 2 hours end-to-end.

Duration: 7 months.

Team: 1 UX Designer, Product Managers and tech leads from 12 different product areas, VP of engineering, VP of product management.

My contributions: Design lead. Conducted user research and feedback sessions. Created artifacts (storyboards, prototypes, flow diagrams) to help stakeholders understand users’ pain points…


Challenge: Redesign of an Alerts & Cases Management interface to reduce time on task and optimize repetitive user tasks.

Solution: A space and task optimized interface for Alerts & Case management that reduced processing time (reduced clicks by 33% and 80% for bulk) and reduced time on task by 60%.

Duration: 3 months for design/validation/iteration. ~1 year implementation.

Team: 2 UX Designers, 1 Visual Designer, 3 Product Managers, Development Team

My contributions: UX Design & Research lead. Provide mentorship and design guidance for junior designers on the project. Ensure adherence to the Design System and define patterns for the application…

Delivering the best experiences to users and customers requires contributions from everyone in the organization.


Challenge: Product Management at a large enterprise software company approached my team to help them define what would it take to make one of the flagship products simpler, lower cost, and quicker to get value as part of a strategy to expand market reach.

Solution: I led an effort to understand end-to-end the customer experience (CX) so we could holistically look at opportunities, address pain-points and define the vision for this new offering so we could plan necessary work to support it. This was a…

Angélica Rosenzweig

Product Design @GE Digital | www.arcpato.com | Medium Case Studies: https://medium.com/angelica-rosenzweig-ux-portfolio

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